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Stowe Media Group Donates Historical Feature Film

“Lessons from an American Primary” Complete; Director Puts Society Over Profit

Stowe, VT November 23, 2015:

Will Bernie Sanders, Donald Drumpf and their supporters learn their ‘lessons’ before it’s too late to avoid the usual fate of anti-establishment presidential candidates in 2016?

That’s what Director Heath Eiden says he’s hoping voters will ask themselves by donating his recently completed film, “Lessons from an American Primary,” to anyone who wants to understand how Americans end up with the choices they get.


“Rather than pursue profits at a time when Americans are yet again being asked to sacrifice everything for a perpetual war strategy after the misguided invasion of Iraq, we feel that the release of this film now during these holidays—when everyone is feeling the pinch—is a great time to share with fellow patriots who want to learn how their electoral process really works and in a very entertaining way,” said Eiden, of Stowe Media Group.


Eiden’s team includes co-producers Deanna Kamiel (Professor of Documentary Studies & Media Studies, The New School, NY) and Iris Cahn (Professor of Film, SUNY Purchase, NY) who also edited the film. The film used Governor Howard Dean's epic 2004 rise and fall as a grassroots-powered presidential candidate as the back drop and includes actors Hillary Clinton, Shawn Hannity, Martin Sheen, and Tucker Carlson, just to name a few. The documentary was shot on location in NH, IA, WI, NY, VT, MN and DC.

Eiden created his own media company and credentials to knock cameras with CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX and all the big time media players. “It was a dream to direct Martin Sheen,” said Eiden, “others were harder to get on board for their close-ups with me.”


“It’s a great virtual stocking stuffer to share with friends,” said Eiden.


The film is downloadable at: http://www.stowemedia.com/feature-films

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