Howard Dean using Stowe Media movie content as explanation for his defeat!


In a stunning admition of historical significance, the man behing the film, "Lessons from an American Primary," Howard Dean, spoke with Sam Stein recently about how the Dean Campaign had morphed into the Grateful Dean campaign.


"The crowds weren’t necessarily made up of Iowa voters. They were made up of Deaniacs who had taken to following the candidate around the state. "It was like being the Grateful Dead," Dean explained. After finishing a speech, he’d take a break and then go to the next, where he'd see all these familiar fans geeking out to his stump speech all over again.

"I’d go to the next rally and there’d be a huge crowd of a thousand people, and they’d be the same people," Dean said. "When I saw that, I realized what was happening was this was not about ordinary Iowans."

Dean was no longer leading a presidential front-running campaign. He had become the leader of a bunch of Deanheads. Because of those crowds, he knew he was doomed.

"I knew what was going to happen before it happened," he said. "I wasn’t surprised.""


In fact, the analogy originally came from the movie by Stowe Media's Heath Eiden in a conversation with "The Daily Caller."

The film still has not been acknowledged by Howard Dean but clearly is being used as a source to jar some memories.