Video Depositions


Vermont Video Depositions travels to wherever you need us for any situation. One or two cameras; our reliable, professional and certified videographers already understand your needs in court and can deliver one or two cameras—whatever you need.  We can also transcribe the video if you need it and will deliver quality as quickly as possible. Call now and let’s set you up. We can also help you get a live feed set up for professional testimony.

We also deliver SUBPOENAS and have are NOTARY PUBLIC certified.

We specialize in all legal videos.

Stowe Media Group is NCRA certified and Vermont's Premier Video Deposition Delivery Service: We actually show up and know how to work with the attorneys and court reporters and what they expect. We take it seriously because it is serious business. 

  • Litigation video
  • Depositions
  • Legal video specialist
  • NCRA Certified
  • transcribing depositions if needed.


Heath of Stowe Media filming deposition videos